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Have you ever emerged from the studio with something missing from your recording? Would lush orchestral strings lift your track to new heights? Are you lacking a killer guitar riff or bass part that might give your music better definition?

1. We’ll discuss exactly what you want by email or phone.

2. Email your material in wav format. I’ll provide you with a quotation at this point. Prices start from £25.00 GBP per instrument track so orchestral violins plus a rhythm guitar would be £50.00 GBP.

3. I’ll pull together something based upon our conversations and email it to you in mp3 format for your consideration. At this point I’ll produce an invoice via Paypal for 50% of the cost.

4. After any further conversation to fine-tune your requirements I’ll produce the final polished track. You’ll receive a second invoice for the balance and I’ll email your track in high quality wav or aiff format for you to mix with your original recording.

5. If you require, I can mix your new track with your original material using a studio-quality Digital Audio Workstation incorporating professional effects to boost your finished audio for that radio-ready sound. Additional charges apply.

I work with professionally produced sample libraries which can bring out the subtle nuance of a viola or the gritty humbucking sound of a Gibson Les Paul through an Orange 120 watt head. You can have world percussion instruments such as a Peruvian Cajon or an African Udu. If you like you can have a Pipe Organ or an eighties Electric Piano.

Your track can be processed in anyway you can imagine using a variety of pro effects and filters including reverb, delay, compression/gate, modulation etc, tape simulator etc.

When you hire Alex Howell, you get Alex Howell. No expensive London studio, no overheads for session players. Just great tracks at very affordable prices.

Pop over to my Soundcloud site for some examples of work produced and then email, or better still call me for a chat. I’d be delighted to help you achieve the track you always wanted!

I can write and produce anything from a simple piano accompaniment for a vocal to a full orchestral arrangement and everything in between. You like harps? No problem! Need an acoustic 12-string guitar? You’ve got one!

I’ll guarantee to have your track ready within a week and can sometimes produce it much faster. Where else can you get high quality instrumentation at such an affordable price and so quickly? Try that with the LSO at Abbey Road!