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Video has become the holy grail for improving website performance. It can even help before your visitor has even reached your landing page through optimising your ranking with search engines such as Google. Try it - try searching ‘making a short video’ or ‘making model aircraft’ or even ‘cleaning a kettle’ on Google. Video results are right up there on the first page.

Once your visitor has clicked through to your landing page, you’ll want to keep them. Losing visitors quickly - your bounce rate - is at the opposite end of the marketing spectrum to turning them into leads - your conversion rate - and the inclusion of video has been shown to drastically reduce the first and dramatically improve the second.

There are around 35 million unique viewers of online video in the UK, with each viewer watching a massive 160 videos per month (April 2011). Online advertising is more relevant to viewers, more enjoyable/interesting to watch and more memorable than its’ TV counterpart. In fact, 96% of those who buy online are video viewers. (Source: comScore®)

Music can make your video more memorable and more relevant to your audience. And if you’re going to use music, for not much more than the cost of some stock music used by millions of others around the web, you can have your own, unique music composed and produced. For you. And only you!

These quotes are from comScore, a leading American agency specialising in measuring the digital world.

But it’s not just the conglomerates, spending millions on glossy campaigns who can take advantage of this rise in online delivery. A simple 60-second video on your home or landing page can focus the interest of your visitor, keeping them on YOUR site and ultimately converting them into a customer.